Rankings in Action: Violence Reduction

Violence is a pressing national issue and communities around the country are demonstrating results by reframing the issue as a contagious epidemic and applying a public health approach. This Rankings in Action webinar will feature guest presenters from Kansas City, Missouri, a 2015 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health prize winning community and the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) including :

  • Tracie McClendon-Cole, Deputy Director of the City of Kansas City, Missouri Health Department
  • Shannon Cosgrove, Director of Health Policy with Cure Violence at UIC,
  • Rashid Junaid, Violence Prevention Manager with Kansas City’s Aim4Peace program

Together they will discuss the Cure Violence framework for interrupting violence and changing community norms and Kansas City’s approach to implementing this model to reverse the violence epidemic in their community. This webinar will provide the research, practical examples, and inspiration for moving violence prevention work forward in your community.

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