The 2018 County Health Rankings state reports: How to use data from these new reports to improve health and increase equity

This year’s County Health Rankings release includes enhanced state reports that focus on persistent gaps in opportunity that contribute to poor health outcomes. Building on our strong foundation of calling attention to the many factors that influence health, these reports highlight data on social and economic disparities based on place and on race and ethnicity, in addition to providing evidence-informed strategies and examples of communities taking action to address equity.

These new reports will illustrate:

  1. What health equity is and why it matters.
  2. Differences in health outcomes within states by place and racial/ethnic groups.
  3. Differences in health factors within states by place and racial/ethnic groups.
  4. What communities can do to create opportunity and health for all.

We are excited that this webinar will support and encourage you to use the 2018 state reports to pursue action in the range of factors that influence health and equity. We will discuss key findings from the data, differences in outcomes and opportunity based on place and race/ethnicity, and specific evidence-informed approaches for taking action. Be sure to review your state’s 2018 report!

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