Special Topics Webinar: Building Resident Engagement in the Delta Region

We’re all in this together. When working to improve a community, we need to engage residents to be a part of the decision and change-making process. Once you’ve identified who you want to connect with in your community, what’s the next step?

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps is convening communities from across the Delta region (in these states in particular: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi) to participate in an action learning cohort to share their experiences and identify new strategies to authentically engage community residents, build on existing leadership skills and fire up network connections. In this cohort, you will focus on Getting Started with Building Resident Engagement in the Delta Region. By resident engagement, we mean bringing together people who work in organizations or with groups that are at the early stage of using their power and voice to take action in their community, especially around building a culture of health.

This webinar was offered to:

  • Share more about the data, evidence, guidance and stories offered by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps;
  • Share ways in which this cohort learning will create space for you to engage with other individuals working in their communities; and
  • Share the next steps for applying to be part of the Building Resident Engagement in the Delta Region Action Learning Cohort.

Up to 10 teams of 5 members in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi will build skills together, make new connections and learn about resources to continue their work of building resident engagement, enhancing community health and advancing equity. Please note that only teams from these states are eligible to enroll in the cohort but all are welcome to attend this webinar to hear more about cohort learning opportunities.