Advocacy 201

This special topics webinar is a follow up to the popular Advocacy 101 webinar.

Lori Fresina and Diane Pickles of M+R Strategic Services presented "The Power Prism®" -- a step-by-step framework for recognizing and acting on opportunities to build momentum in an advocacy campaign. M+R uses the Power Prism® with a wide variety of client organizations and campaign issues, focused on both policy and systems change. Its six “power tools” are essential levers through which we can apply pressure on decision makers, helping individuals and organizations convert even the smallest event into a power-building opportunity. Whether a novice or an experienced advocate, the Power Prism® has proven helpful to all in strengthening their campaigns.

Watch a recording of Advocacy 201. 

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Hear how the Rhode Island Tobacco Coalition used the Power Prism to build power in their tobacco control efforts. This 30-minute recorded webinar is intended to complement the Advocacy 201 webinar.

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Empowering Young People to Create Change

November 16, 2021
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