Advocacy 101

Advocacy can be a new and somewhat intimidating activity for people. What does it mean to advocate for policy change? How does advocacy differ from lobbying? How can people effectively incorporate advocacy into their work? On this webinar, Lori Fresina, Senior Vice President and New England Office Director at M+R Strategic Services, discussed what advocacy is and what it isn’t and provided tips for effective advocacy work. Lori provided a tool that helps you start thinking through the three questions you need to answer before planning a campaign: What do you want? Why do you want it? Who has the power to give it to you?


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Transforming Narratives to Create Racial and Health Equity

June 15, 2021
Narratives around race can give rise to policies and systems that exacerbate and reproduce inequities. The result can create stark differences by race in how well and how long people live. Just what are narratives? How are they created? Why is it important to transform them? We will explore these questions and more during this webinar.