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Exercise and work-oriented back pain management programs

Support worksite exercise and physical conditioning programs for low back pain; also called work conditioning, work hardening, or functional restoration/exercise programs

Evidence Rating:
Some Evidence
  • Employment

Proper drug disposal programs

Establish programs that accept expired, unwanted, or unused medicines from designated users and dispose of them responsibly

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Expert Opinion
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Air and Water Quality

Radon mitigation programs

Prevent radon from entering occupied buildings and reduce existing indoor air radon levels via soil depressurization, home or room pressurization, heat recovery ventilation, etc.

Evidence Rating:
Some Evidence
  • Housing and Transit

Secondhand smoke education interventions

Use counseling, informational materials, etc. to inform smokers and non-smokers of the harms of secondhand smoke and encourage them to implement home smoking bans

Evidence Rating:
Mixed Evidence
  • Tobacco Use