March 12, 2019 3pm EDT

One Community's Path to Creating Healthy and Equitable Opportunities

Many factors influence health outcomes, such as health behaviors, access to clinical care, physical environments, and social and economic opportunities. We often think of these as broad drivers of health—meaning the kinds of things that happen outside of our doctor’s office that contribute to the ways in which we can be healthy. It is important for everyone in our communities to have access to...
January 29, 2019 3pm EST

Policies & Programs to Help Build a Culture of Health

Building Culture of Health involves comprehensive strategies to address the many things that contribute to health, opportunity, and equity in communities. In Vicksburg, MS and Buncombe County, NC -- two communities that have been recognized with a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize -- leaders and residents have implemented a broad range of policies and programs to...
December 11, 2018 3pm EST

Unlocking Potential: Engaging Young People in Community Change

Young people are key players leading community change to achieve greater results. Join our co-hosts from the Well Connected Communities initiative to learn how communities across the country are forming youth-adult partnerships to facilitate innovative ideas to improve health and advance equity. During this webinar you’ll hear from youth and field experts about the ways in which young people...
November 20, 2018 3pm EST

Partnering with Community

For decades, Allen County, Kansas saw the population and economic fabric of their county decline. But despite the shift, the 13,000 residents of this rural county in the southeastern region of the state, have been experiencing a watershed moment. Community members and leaders have banded together to foster a sense of belonging and create a shared vision—everything from improving the collective...
August 28, 2018 3pm EDT

Innovation in Public Health: A Collaborative Planning Tool for Increasing Equity and Community Engagement

Open dialogue between residents, local health officials, and other stakeholders is key to improving engagement and advancing equity. In this webinar, we’ll learn how Garrett County, MD, a rural Appalachian community, has developed an online community engagement tool and how a universal version of the tool is coming your way soon! ...
July 24, 2018 3pm EDT

Evidence at Your Fingertips: Tools to inform decision making

During this webinar, we’ll discuss questions such as what is evidence? what is its role in decision-making?  and how might you include evidence in your strategy selection process to support local change? Then we’ll explore two resources that make research and evidence accessible to inform decision-making.
June 19, 2018 3pm EDT

Creating Communities That Thrive: The Intersection of Public Health and Community Development

Communities that experience the best health outcomes are characterized by healthy housing, vibrant economies, welcoming green spaces, engaged resident leadership, and access to effective health and social services. How can public health practitioners partner with local housing and community development organizations to create healthy communities? Join national partners County Health...
May 15, 2018 3pm EDT

Going All In to improve health through multi-sector collaboration and systematic data sharing

Join our co-hosts, the experts at Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) to learn about ways to improve health and promote equity through effective and meaningful data sharing. DASH is a co-founder of All In: Data for Community Health, which is both a national learning collaborative and a movement to accelerate the use of data to improve community health. Together, we will dig into promising...
April 24, 2018 3pm EDT

5ByAge5: Preparing children for success

Research shows that children who enter kindergarten ready to learn are more likely to experience greater academic success and that adults with more education typically live longer and healthier lives. 5byAge5, an initiative in the Normandy Schools Collaborative footprint of North St. Louis County, set a goal to ensure all children from ages zero to five have the supports they need to be ready...
January 23, 2018 3pm EST

Building a Movement for Health Equity

What does it take to build a movement for health equity in communities? Forming partnerships between local health departments, community organizations, government agencies, and those impacted by the poorest health outcomes is a first step. Equally important is to change the conversation about what creates health so we can address systemic power imbalances and oppression at the root of...