Exploring Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander identity and health equity

Date & time:
July 20, 2021 3pm EDT

In this final webinar of the Advancing Racial Equity series, we will examine the complexity of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders as a group and better understand the need to break down data and understand the multiple ethnicities within the group to achieve health and racial equity. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Stereotypes and past racist policies (such as the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and executive order to intern Japanese Americans during World War II) that continue to hurt Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders today
  • How using a single Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders category in decision making and data collection has masked health disparities
  • Steps to engage Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders community members in advancing racial equity
  • What’s behind the recent escalation of crime in the U.S. against Asian Americans.

We will be joined by two veteran researchers and equity champions: Dr. Nia Aitaoto, Associate Professor at the University of Utah College of Health, and Dr. Simona Kwon, co-director of the New York University Center for the Study of Asian American Health, the only center in the U.S. solely focused on Asian American health disparities.

The webinar is the third in a three-part series, Advancing Racial Equity, co-produced by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps and Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health. Watch the first two webinars, Declaring Racism as Public Health Crisis and Transforming Narratives to Create Racial and Health Equity, now available on demand. If you are a health practitioner, resident, or policymaker with an interest in achieving equity in your community, we encourage you to register.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps will host a one-hour interactive virtual discussion at 4pm ET, immediately following the webinar. We encourage you to participate in an engaging dialogue with peers across the country to share your experiences with racial equity. Mark your calendars and plan to stay as long as you're able.

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