5ByAge5: Preparing children for success

Date & Time:
April 24, 2018 3pm EDT

Research shows that children who enter kindergarten ready to learn are more likely to experience greater academic success and that adults with more education typically live longer and healthier lives. 5byAge5, an initiative in the Normandy Schools Collaborative footprint of North St. Louis County, set a goal to ensure all children from ages zero to five have the supports they need to be ready for kindergarten. They have brought together 30 service providers to collectively prioritize five key factors that contribute to school readiness. Join us to learn how they leveraged their shared impact to support the youngest members of their community—and became part of the 24 contiguous municipalities outside of St. Louis, MO that won the 2016 RWJF Culture of Health Prize. Representatives from 5byAge5 will share strategies that you might employ in your own communities.

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