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Find strategies to support your local health priorities with WWFH’s ‘Approach’ filter

Our What Works for Health (WWFH) tool helps you find evidence-informed policies, programs, systems, and environmental changes that can make a difference locally. Did you know that we group strategies by approach to improving health to make it even easier to find what you need?  For example, in the Income health factor you’ll find strategies that “Increase or supplement income” and strategies that “Support asset development."

We recently improved how we group strategies within the Sexual Activity health factor. You can now explore strategies using the following approaches: “Reduce risky sexual behavior,” “Reduce HIV/STIs,” and “Reduce unintended pregnancy.”

There are two ways to view strategies based on approach. You can click on the orange button to Browse All Policies & Programs from the WWFH page, then select the health factor you want to work on from the filters on the left, or select the health factor you are interested in directly from the CHR&R model on the bottom of WWFH page. Once you’ve selected a health factor, you can narrow your search by approach using the filters on the left.

To find out what other additions we’ve made to What Works for Health this month, see our list of New or Updated Policies & Programs. Strategies on that page have been updated with new studies, terminology, and more.

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