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New or Updated Policies & Programs

Carpool & rideshare programs

Expert Opinion

Help commuters share transportation through informal arrangements between individuals, formally arranged dynamic ridesharing programs, or other ride-matching services

Air and Water Quality  ·  Housing and Transit

Child tax credit expansion

Expert Opinion

Expand federal or state child tax credits by increasing eligibility by age (e.g., to families with 17 and 18 year old children), increasing credit amounts, making credits refundable, or creating a fully refundable supplement


Chronic disease management programs

Scientifically Supported

Implement multi-component efforts that include coordination of health services by multidisciplinary teams of health care professionals, patient self-management, and patient education

Quality of Care

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Scientifically Supported

Expand refundable earned income tax credits for low to moderate income working individuals and families


Ignition interlock devices

Scientifically Supported

Strengthen policies that mandate ignition interlock installation in vehicles to prevent operation by a driver with a high blood alcohol concentration

Alcohol and Drug Use

Integrated pest management for indoor use

Scientifically Supported

Support a four-tiered approach to indoor pest control that minimizes potential hazards to people, property, and the environment

Housing and Transit

Refundable child and dependent care tax credit

Expert Opinion

Offer a refundable tax credit to working families with qualifying children or other dependents that receive care outside the home (e.g., a spouse with disabilities)


Social host laws

Expert Opinion

Adopt laws that hold private property owners who provide alcohol to minors or obviously intoxicated individuals on their property liable if someone is killed or injured as a result

Alcohol and Drug Use

Speed enforcement detection devices

Scientifically Supported

Use devices such as speed cameras, radar, etc. to enforce speed limits; devices can be permanent fixtures or be used manually by law enforcement officers

Housing and Transit  ·  Community Safety