Firearm licensing laws

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Firearm licensing laws require individuals to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm or a license to own the firearm before purchasing. States can issue a license or permit only after a potential purchaser completes background checks; some states also require safety training, or knowledge and performance testing before granting a permit or license1.

Expected Beneficial Outcomes (Rated)

  • Reduced homicide

  • Reduced suicide

Other Potential Beneficial Outcomes

  • Reduced gun trafficking

Evidence of Effectiveness

There is strong evidence that firearm licensing laws decrease firearm homicides and suicides2, 3.

Overall, states with permit-to-purchase laws have lower firearm suicide rates than states without such laws, and lower suicide rates following implementation of these laws2, 3, 4. Repealing such laws may increase firearm suicide and homicide rates2, 5.

License to own and permit to purchase laws are both associated with reductions in firearm suicide rates6 and gun trafficking1, 7.

Impact on Disparities

No impact on disparities likely

Implementation Examples

Federal law does not regulate licensing of firearms and prohibits the establishment of a federal handgun registration system8. As of 2015, only seven states (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York) allow local governments to enact gun laws; local governments in other states generally cannot enact gun laws due to state preemption legislation9.

As of November 2015, New York requires a license to own handguns and Illinois and Massachusetts require a license to own any firearms. Ten states and Washington DC require a permit to purchase handguns or other firearms, and Nebraska requires a certificate for handgun purchase in some regions. Safety training or an exam is a prerequisite for a license or a permit in eight states1, 7.

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