Assess Needs & Resources

Start by taking stock. Consider the challenges you face. Identify your strengths, assets, and resources. Ask if there are some who face challenges that others do not.


The purpose of this step is to understand your current community strengths, resources, needs, and gaps to help you decide where and how to focus your efforts. The guidance here will answer questions like:

  • What questions do we have about the health of our community?
  • What data will help us answer those questions?
  • Where do we find data?
  • How do we move WITH data to action?

Our Top Tools

These are our favorite tools for this step. You can find additional relevant tools in each key activity as well.


Looking for a quick primer on this step? Take this 2-page Shortcut with you to share with your partners. Use it to discuss where you are in your work and what challenges you face.

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