State Reports

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2022 State Reports

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps brings actionable data, evidence, guidance, and stories to diverse leaders and residents so people and communities can be healthier. The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute created CHR&R for communities across the nation, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

The 2022 state reports show that how long and how well people live varies by their location within a state. The reports also illustrate how economic security is both tied to residents' health and variable depending on their location. Choose your state to the right and begin to explore the data for your state. 

Moving with Data to Action

The Take Action to Improve Health section of our website helps communities join together to look at the many factors influencing health, select strategies that work, and make changes that can have a lasting impact. Take Action to Improve Health is a hub for information to help any community member or leader who wants to improve their community’s health and foster health equity. You will find:

  • What Works for Health, a searchable menu of evidence-informed strategies that can make a difference locally.
  • Action Learning Guides, self-directed learning modules combining guidance, tools, and hands-on practice and reflection activities on specific topics.

Interact with the Data

2022 CHRR State Report Data Interactive

Visualize the County Health Rankings measures of Median household income, Childcare cost burden, and Children in poverty by race and ethnicity groups or by county level of urbanization within a state.

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