Action Learning Guides

Dig into specific topics with a blend of guidance, tools, and hands-on practice and reflection activities.

Understand and Use Data to Improve Health

This guide introduces you to different types of data, different methods for measuring the health of your community, and common sources of data that you can access to support your work.

Explore the many ways you might use data in your own community, from assessing your areas of strength to supporting policy change that will address health inequities.

Ready to gain a deeper understanding of the kinds of data available and why they matter to community health improvement? This guide will help you make sense of new and existing data.

Promote Health and Equity

This guide explains what equity is, why it matters, and how it relates to health. It will help you get started with understanding key terms and concepts and where to begin to take action.

Not everyone has access to quality schools, healthy foods, safe neighborhoods and affordable homes. Learn how to identify the underlying factors that create inequities in communities.

This guide focuses on identifying and implementing strategies to promote health and equity, so that fair and just opportunities for good health can be a reality for everyone in your community.

Engaging community members, especially people most often left out or unheard, is an essential part of improving health outcomes and advancing equity in communities. Learn how to engage and partner with community residents in a meaningful way.

Focus on the Factors That Influence Health

Find out why health is more than what happens at the doctor’s office. Social and economic opportunities, such as good schools, stable jobs, and strong social networks are foundational to living long and well.

Ready to be an agent of change in your community? This guide includes information, tools, and examples that will help you get started with policy change and ensure your efforts are grounded in equity.