Take Action To Improve Health

We’re here to help. Below you’ll find strategies that we know work, guidance for setting a plan in motion, and resources to help you partner with others.

How to Take Action

Find step-by-step guidance and tools to help you move with data to action.

What Works

Explore a menu of evidence-informed policies and programs that can make a difference locally.

Who to Work With

Identify the right partners and explore tips to engage them.

Looking for More Guidance?

Action Learning Guides

Action Learning Guides help to deepen your learning on select topics. These self-paced, interactive guides blend guidance, tools, and hands-on activities.

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Talk to a Team Member

Have questions about your county data? Need help finding an evidence-informed strategy? Looking for more information on how to start taking action? CHR&R team members are here to help you navigate the many resources we have available to support you on your journey to create healthy, equitable communities.

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How Healthy is Your Community?

The Rankings bring actionable data to communities and help them identify challenges and opportunities for local health improvement.

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Action Cycle

The Take Action Cycle shows us how to create a healthy community. Our Action and Partner Centers are grounded in this cycle.

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Learn From Others

Find stories and insights from communities making positive change.

What is Health?

See how we define health and the factors that can impact your ability to live a healthy life.

News & Events

See the latest updates on our program activities and read our County-by-County blog.

About Us

Learn more about the CHR&R Team and the Principles that guide our work.