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Use Our Action Learning Guides as Your Roadmap to Change

Are you ready to be an agent of change in your community, but don’t know where to start? Without a roadmap to navigate complex policies, concepts, and paths to partnerships, figuring out the first step to creating meaningful change in your community can feel challenging. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps can help you get started on your journey through a new suite of Action Learning Guide.

What are the Action Learning Guides?

Action Learning Guides are interactive, online tutorials that can help you identify where to begin taking action in your community. Their blend of guidance, tools, and hands-on activities allow you to work through each one at your own pace. Built by our team of Action Learning Coaches after years of collective experience working with communities, Action Learning Guides feature:

  • Relatable, real-life examples; 
  • Easy-to-follow guidance; 
  • Questions for discussion and reflection; 
  • Downloadable worksheets; 
  • Tools to help you practice your skills. 

How can the Action Learning Guides help me?

Action Learning Guides offer roadmaps for everyone and anyone looking to take action to improve health and advance equity in their community. Whether you’re looking for a starting point for you and your partners to get grounded in a specific topic, learn about reliable strategies, or build a new skill,  Action Learning Guides can help you become an agent of change in your community.

On topics ranging from community engagement to equity, we have five new Action Learning Guides that you can explore:

Looking for more guidance on this resource?

Join our Exploring Action Learning Guides: Your Roadmaps to Action webinar on October 22 at 3p.m. ET to learn more about Action Learning Guides, how they can be helpful to your work, and for an interactive demonstration. 


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