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Welcome to our 2016 Rankings!

Friday, March 11, 2016

This month marks the seventh release of our Rankings, and we are so pleased to bring you not only updated and new measures for you to see a snapshot of your community’s health - we’re excited for you to take part in our movement to build a Culture of Health in counties across the country.

What’s new this year on our website? Here’s just a taste of what you can find (be sure to explore and see what else will benefit you):

New measures:

None of these measures are included in the calculating your county’s ranks but, along with the other Additional measures, they provide data that may be very germane to your county.  We’ve integrated all these Additional Measures into your county’s main Snapshot, moving to one page of measures; be sure to click on the + button to find these and other Additional measures.

New ways to explore measures: Delve into Our Approach to find all you need to know about how our measures work, how to find local data, and more.

New ways to compare your county and see Areas of Strength: How does your county compare to those in other states? What are your community’s Areas of Strength? Dive into your County Snapshot and check out our new features.

New Key Findings: Rural counties have had the highest rates of premature death for many years, lagging far behind other counties, and on top of that, premature death rates are now getting worse for 1 in 5 rural counties. That’s just one of this year’s Key Findings.

New tools & resources: Our Action Center has been updated with innovative guidance on helping you get involved in improving your community’s health, including new steps, updated tools, and a lot more.

Enhanced ways to engage with What Works for Health: Find evidence-informed policies, programs, and system changes that will improve the variety of factors we know affect health.

Still curious? Have questions? Register now to join us in a few weeks and take part in an overview of our program, a tour of the new website features, and how you can get more involved.