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Introducing Our Special COVID-19 Response and Recovery Webinar Series

As the coronavirus outbreak has spread throughout the United States and globally, our families, friends, neighbors, and communities have all had to adjust to a “new normal” and we’ve seen how the pandemic has widened existing inequities where we live, learn, work, and play.

Now, more than ever, as many places look toward reopening, we need to acknowledge how deeply health and equity are intertwined in our society, and ask ourselves as we go forward: how can we work toward a more inclusive and equitable recovery for all?

To help answer this question, County Health Rankings is introducing a new webinar series, Health Equity and Social Solidarity in the Time of Pandemic: Strategies for COVID-19 Response and Recovery. This series will highlight the challenges communities are facing as they respond to COVID-19 and its impacts, and serve as an opportunity for community leaders across the nation to learn from lead researchers, policymakers and each other.

Mark your calendar for the five upcoming webinars in this series:

  • Exploring Guaranteed Income as a Strategy to Address Income Inequality
    Thursday, May 21 at 3pm ET
    Featured guest: Sukhi Samra, Director of the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration.
    Learn about Stockton, CA’s implementation of an innovative strategy to address financial insecurity and income inequality by providing a guaranteed income.
    Watch the recording here

  • COVID-19: Disproportionate Impact on Black Communities
    Thursday, June 25 at 3pm ET
    Featured guests: Cassandra Welchlin, Lead Organizer of the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, and Dr. Camara Jones, Morehouse School of Medicine.
    Learn about several historical and systemic causes of the disparities in outcomes in Black communities, as well as strategies both to address outcomes now and in the future by creating sustained systems change.
    Register here.
  • COVID-19: Disproportionate Impact on Tribal Nations
    Thursday, July 9 at 3pm ET
    Featured guest: Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson, Navajo Nation & Black Hills Center for American Indian Health.
    Learn about historical policies leading to disparities in resources available to tribal communities, gain insights into the need for structural changes in how we provide public health support to tribal communities.
  • US COVID-19 Mapping: Bridging Data with Historical Context
    Tuesday, July 21 at 3pm ET
    Featured guests: CHR&R’s Data and Community Transformation Teams.
    Learn both about the importance of social and economic data in understanding COVID-19’s impact.
  • Responding to Crisis in the Latino Population with an Equity Lens
    Thursday, August 13 at 3pm ET
    Featured guest: UnidosUS.
    Learn from our partners at UnidosUS about the issues Latino communities are facing and the emerging strategies that their affiliates across the country are employing during this pandemic to address them.

Register for the first webinar on May 21 here, and sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for more information, future registration links, and updates on this exciting new series! 

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