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Data Sources

These data sources provide information for communities looking for more local data. These sources provide either unique, local data; more information on demographic breakdowns (e.g., age, sex, race/ethnicity); or data for sub-county geographic units (e.g., cities, zipcodes or school districts).

Georgia Data Sources

Name Description Breakdown
Georgia Bureau of Investigation - Crime Statistics Database The Uniform Crime Reporting program is a system of collecting and analyzing crime and arrest statistics gathered on selected types of crime by participating law enforcement agencies throughout each state.  
Georgia Community Indicators The Georgia Community Indicators is a series of community profiles summarizing various economic, fiscal, environmental, civic participation and labor market indicators.



Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry The Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry is a statewide population-based cancer registry collecting all cancer cases diagnosed among Georgia residents. Data can be found in the Cancer Reports as well as in the Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics.



Georgia Department of Education The Georgia Department of Education provides access to downloads of data on enrollment, educational performance, and graduation rates by county and school for the state of Georgia. Data and Reporting can be selected from the drop-down menu located at the top of the page.

High School Graduation Rate



Georgia Medicaid Quality Reporting This site contains various reports on Georgia Medicaid data.


Georgia Online Analytical Statistical Information (OASIS) - BRFSS The OASIS web query tool allows for the creation of personalized tables using public health data from the Georgia Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey.


Georgia Online Analytical Statistical Information System (OASIS) Georgia‚Äôs OASIS provides death, disease, hospital discharge, ER visit, maternal/child health and other data in interactive tabular, mapping and charting forms. In addition, the Community Health Needs Assessment Dashboard provides ranked causes, and the ability to prioritize causes based on whether they occur significantly higher than expected.



Community Health Improvement Resources

These resources include public health agencies (including local public health offices, state agencies and public health institutes) and other partners in improving community health including United Ways, counties associations, hospital associations and extension offices.

Georgia Community Resources

Public Health

Other Health Partners