Partnering with Community

Date & Time:
November 20, 2018 3pm EST

For decades, Allen County, Kansas saw the population and economic fabric of their county decline. But despite the shift, the 13,000 residents of this rural county in the southeastern region of the state, have been experiencing a watershed moment. Community members and leaders have banded together to foster a sense of belonging and create a shared vision—everything from improving the collective health of the community to enhancing the livelihoods and prospects of everyone.  

In 2017, Allen County was recognized for their transformation with a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize. At the heart of the communities’ efforts to improve health, is a commitment to authentically engage and partner with the community’s best asset – its people. Allen County offers an example of how a community working together to harness the collective power of leaders, partners and residents can create the conditions to give everyone a fair and just opportunity for health.

Join us as we talk with Lisse Regehr, Deputy Director of Outreach and Advocacy for Thrive Allen County, about how the nonprofit coalition has created opportunities for residents to embrace their power and act collectively.

Want a sneak peek? Watch a short video about Allen County, KS and their journey to the RWJF Culture of Health Prize.

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