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Introducing a new approach to county health data

Publication date
February 1, 2024

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps is committed to innovating the data, evidence and tools we develop for action. Since launching the national platform in 2010, we have added data sources, updated methods and made our resources more accessible. This year, we’re introducing a new approach and sharper tools to help you understand how long and how well people are living in counties across the nation. We hope this data-driven method supports an even stronger local and national movement toward health and equity.

Over the last decade, CHR&R ranked the health of counties within states, providing a simple way to understand differences in health outcomes and health factors. And we know that health doesn’t stop at a state’s border. With the 2024 data release, you can now compare your county’s health and what’s driving length and quality of life with other counties, whether that’s in your state or across the nation. You can also identify areas of strength or opportunities for health improvement based on the county data and track trends in health factors and outcomes.

It also helps us see better how laws and policies affect health beyond county and state lines. Decisions about the air we breathe, the opportunity for jobs with fair pay, or access to quality clinical care depend on us working together for better health.

CHR&R will continue to offer data on the range of factors that influence health in a county, including housing affordability, school funding adequacy, living wages and access to parks, as well as measures of length and quality of life. Our data, evidence, and tools will remain easily accessible and a starting point for many types of action. Improved data resources that help us see the bigger picture and how we all contribute can support ambitious approaches to advance health and equity.

The work reflects more than a decade of innovation in collaboration with experts from across the country and continues our commitment to creating science-based tools to improve health for everyone. We look forward to suggestions for continued refinement. Consider participating in surveys, focus groups and other opportunities to help advance this important work.  

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