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Data Spotlight: A new feature to reveal county-level differences in opportunities to thrive

Publication date
July 21, 2021

Overall averages highlight a typical experience while veiling disparities among racial and ethnic groups especially in the healthiest and wealthiest places in the country.

To unmask differences in opportunities for everyone in a community to thrive, we’ve launched our new Data Spotlight series. In each installment we will take a key measure, data point, or trend from our research and bring it to life with interactive data visualizations or context to show the realities of life beyond the numbers. We will also examine the barriers that prevent many from leading long and healthy lives.

We hope Data Spotlights spark conversations for long-term strategies to improve the health and well-being for all. Each Data Spotlight will include CHRR and external resources with guidance on making meaningful change.

Our first Data Spotlight focuses on children living in poverty in the healthiest county in each state. It shows that averages can hide disparities between racial and ethnic groups. Stay tuned as we add future installments to this series that reveal often overlooked inequities and injustices. More on our first Data Spotlight below:

Bar graph indicating that children of color experience significantly higher rates poverty than white or Asian in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Children Living in Poverty

Even in the healthiest counties, nearly 1 in 10 children are living in poverty. Our first Data Spotlight looks at the healthiest county in each state. It reveals that a greater percentage of Black, Hispanic and Native American children are living in poverty in these communities.

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