Student Mobility: What Happens When Students Frequently Change Schools?

Date & Time:
July 18, 2017 3pm EDT

What happens when students frequently change schools during the school year? How fast do their records get transferred? Are lesson plans still same? How many days do they miss? High mobility often means students have a harder time staying on track with their academic achievement and engaging with teachers and peers. Join us to learn about how organizations and communities across the country are using data and evidence to implement programs, policies and systems changes to reduce student instability and its causes. This webinar will feature guest presenters from the Siemer Institute and the “In It Together” CHR&R coaching team of La Crosse County, Wisconsin. The Siemer Institute’s mission is to enhance educational opportunities for school-aged children by preventing family homelessness and reducing school instability. The La Crosse County coaching team utilized data, focus groups and partnerships to develop strategies to address student mobility in their community. If you want to increase school stability and academic success for school-aged children in your community, be sure and register for this webinar.

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