Public health 3.0 and the future of public health featuring Dr. Sandro Galea

Date & Time:
June 20, 2023 3pm EDT

Protecting the nation’s health remains paramount for public health systems, despite the ongoing challenges of economic and racial inequality, political and racial unrest, public mistrust in government and workforce burnout. Public Health 3.0’s framework can help us navigate these challenges. This webinar will explore the framework’s recommendations with one of the field’s most prolific scholars, Dr. Sandro Galea. Dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health, Galea has authored more than 1,000 publications about the social determinants of health, mental health and trauma. The conversation will challenge us to consider ways to transform health systems to become more efficient, compassionate and equitable. Join an engaging discussion group after the webinar. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps’ Co-Director Dr. Marjory Givens, and Evidence and Policy Analysis Team Leader Michael Stevenson, will join the discussion.

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