Innovation in Public Health: A Collaborative Planning Tool for Increasing Equity and Community Engagement

Date & Time:
August 28, 2018 3pm EDT

Open dialogue between residents, local health officials, and other stakeholders is key to improving engagement and advancing equity. In this webinar, we’ll learn how Garrett County, MD, a rural Appalachian community, has developed an online community engagement tool and how a universal version of the tool is coming your way soon! is an innovative collaborative platform and planning tool where residents can openly share data, discuss community issues, and suggest solutions to local leaders. In a shift away from traditional planning processes, Garrett County has embraced this new approach of digital collaboration and are working to spread promising innovation in public health. In fact, this summer a version of this tool is being replicated and piloted in five other communities around the country. The Public Health National Center for Innovations will talk about how these distinct communities are building out a tailored version of the tool themselves and how you could begin to think about similar work. 

The Garrett Planning Tool is sponsored in part by the Public Health National Center for Innovation, a division of PHAB with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 


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