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Meet the County Health Rankings Model: New Video Resource

For more than ten years, the County Health Rankings have shown us the many factors that influence how long and how well we live. When we think of these factors that affect our health—including jobs, education, and housing—it can often be challenging to understand how they all work together to illustrate a broad vision for health.

That’s where our model comes in. The County Health Rankings model shows us more than 30 measures that affect how healthy residents are today and what will impact their health in the future.

Ahead of next week’s release of the 2020 County Health Rankings, we’re excited to share a new resource about our model. Our new animated video explains the County Health Rankings model and the many factors that impact health.

Explore the model to learn more about how these measures offer a profile of your community’s health and learn how you can take action so everyone thrives:

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Understanding all of the many factors that influence how long and how well we live is complex. The @CHRankings model can help. 

Our homes, our jobs, and our chance for a good education all influence how long and how well we live. But how do all of these things fit together? Meet the @CountyHealthRankings model. 


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