The Power of Storytelling: Giving Life to Voices and Data

Date & time:
February 07, 2017 3pm EST

How can we use storytelling and data to empower community members, shape community vision, and make our work come alive to the people we want to influence? When personal stories from community members are blended with data and statistics, the combination can be a powerful tool for change in a community. Join us as we learn how a 'Living Storybook’ portrays community member voices, personal stories, and co-created milestones to reveal the unfolding change of a Community Living Model in New Haven, CT. Used as a tool to transfer knowledge and prompt inspiration, the Living Storybook communicates strengths, needs, data, exemplar case studies, accomplishments to date, next steps, and most importantly… possibilities. Heidi Gil, lead Project Coach, and Delia Mannen, Research Fellow from HoodenPyleGil, Inc., will share how they are using storytelling in their advocacy work, coalition building, and priority setting.

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