Health & Wealth: Using Data to Address Income Inequality

Date & time:
June 16, 2020 3pm EDT

Poverty and financial insecurity can have profound negative effects on mental and physical health outcomes. When families cannot access financial resources, the choices they can make about housing, food, medical care, and other key factors in living a long and healthy life are limited. Across and within counties, there are stark differences in these opportunities, and the barriers to them disproportionately impact communities of color.

Prosperity Now brings together research, data, and scalable solutions to support efforts to provide a clear path to financial stability for all. Through their Health & Wealth Network, they are working across sectors to identify interventions and policies that make our communities both financially and physically healthier.

Join us on June 16 as County Health Rankings & Roadmaps and Prosperity Now come together to:

  • Share exciting data tools, including the Prosperity Now Scorecard and CHR&R snapshots, which feature key social and financial health indicators.
  • Highlight how different communities are using local data to move to action to address income inequality and financial insecurity.
  • Provide resources to help your community interpret your own data and take action locally.

Want to continue the conversation? Join our post-webinar interactive discussion group immediately following this webinar to connect with community members and leaders from across the country.


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