Community-driven strategies to address persistent poverty in rural areas

Date & time:
June 18, 2024 3pm EDT

Persistent poverty describes communities where at least 20% of the population has lived below the federal poverty line for 30 years or more. The majority of counties experiencing this type of poverty are located in rural areas. Many people living in these counties face structural racism and barriers to building wealth, social connection, and financial services. Communities in these areas also tend to experience limited broadband and cellular services. Join our June webinar to learn about strategies rooted in community expertise and cultural traditions that improve wealth and engagement. Emily Burleson from Partners for Rural Transformation will talk about how her network of community development financial institutions supports families located in chronically impoverished regions. And Lisse Regehr, president and CEO of Thrive Allen County, will share success stories demonstrating how the Kansas-based organization now centers its work in equity, systemic change and civic engagement.

This webinar is the second in a two-part series on poverty. The series focuses on policies and practices that create or maintain unfair and unjust outcomes and bring forward solutions that advance equity, belonging and shared responsibility. View part one of the series, Identifying the forces behind persistent poverty.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps will host a one-hour interactive virtual discussion at 4 p.m. ET, immediately following the webinar. Participate in an engaging dialogue with peers across the country to share your experiences working toward equity. Mark your calendars and plan to stay as long as you're able.

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