Identifying the forces behind persistent poverty

Date & time:
May 21, 2024 3pm EDT

Some regions of the United States, such as Appalachia and the Black Belt, share a legacy of extreme poverty. Residents in these communities face more barriers to social and economic opportunity, which can lead to poor health. One of the nation’s leading experts on poverty solutions, University of Michigan researcher Dr. H. Luke Shaefer, will join this webinar to discuss his latest book, “The Injustice of Place: Uncovering the Legacy of Poverty in America.” In it, Schaefer writes about the link between place, history, social disconnection and persistent poverty. Shaefer will share how public health practitioners can contribute to innovative, community-centered and sustainable strategies to address poverty.

This webinar is the first in a two-part series that will explore structural barriers to addressing poverty. The series will focus on policies and practices that create or maintain unfair and unjust outcomes and bring forward solutions that center equity, belonging and shared responsibility.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps will host a one-hour interactive virtual discussion at 4 p.m. ET, immediately following the webinar. Participate in an engaging dialogue with peers across the country to share your experiences working toward equity. Mark your calendars and plan to stay as long as you're able.

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