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What Works for Health adds equity analysis

Publication date
January 19, 2023

What Works for Health (WWFH) has added an equity analysis to its database of strategies to help users identify ways to advance health and equity in their community.

Users will find the new equity analysis on about 40 strategies. Living wage laws, community land trusts and college access programs are among the strategies that include the new feature.

The equity analysis is made up of:

  • A revised disparity rating. Each strategy has an updated rating that indicates its potential to decrease disparities, to increase them, to have a mixed impact on them or to be inconclusive
  • A summary of supporting evidence including relevant health outcomes and the populations impacted
  • Historical context and root causes of health disparities related to the strategy. This section offers context on how well a strategy accounts for historical drivers of health inequities
  • Questions around equity to consider before implementing a strategy
  • Equity-focused resources to help users implement the strategies

We want to hear from you as we continue to add the equity analysis to more than 400 strategies. Share your thoughts by emailing [email protected].

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