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Publication date
November 2, 2022

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps has launched a new way to find and interact with data on our website. 

With additional context and framing, data is now easier to access and understand. We’ve also made it easy to find resources connected to specific measures of health including strategies, webinars, podcasts and action guides.

What's new

County Snapshot showing a table of county, state, and national data for each measure

We now provide three ways to access county and state-level data, including: 

  • By location. Search for a county by name, state or ZIP code.
  • By topic. See how individual measures fit into our model of health and impact health outcomes.
  • Raw data. Download full data sets. 

Dig deeper into the measures: Click on any measure in a county snapshot, a tool summarizing that county’s data. This will reveal information on that measure including its definition, years of data used and — for select measures — trend graphs and data broken down by race/ethnicity.

Find context for each measure: Find simplified language for every measure to more easily understand and communicate what the numbers mean. Copy and paste these statements into memos, presentations, or grants to communicate about your county’s health.

Connect data to action: Access a tailored list of What Works for Health strategies to improve health outcomes around a specific measure. When searching by topics, find specific resources – podcasts, blogs, and webinars – that bring these topics to life with expert interviews, how-to guides and examples of communities working to address health challenges.

We continue to improve and innovate the website to meet communities’ needs. For demonstrations on the website’s latest features, watch our brief video tutorials.

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