Data Sources

These data sources provide information for communities looking for more local data. These sources provide either unique, local data; more information on demographic breakdowns (e.g., age, sex, race/ethnicity); or data for sub-county geographic units (e.g., cities, zipcodes or school districts).

Iowa Data Sources

Name Description Breakdown
Iowa Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System The Behavioral Risk Factor Survey is an annual survey of Iowa’s adult population. The survey asks about behaviors which affect health, including nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, hypertension, blood cholesterol, and alcohol use. Demographic
Iowa Cancer Registry The State Health Registry of Iowa is a population-based cancer registry that assembles and reports measurements of cancer occurrence, survival, and death among Iowans. Demographic
Iowa Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System The Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System is part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration State Data Program, which links information about all crashes and their consequences statewide. Demographic
Iowa Department of Education Statistics This site includes data on free and reduced meal eligibility, limited English students, technology, and state report cards. Demographic
Iowa Department of Public Health - Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology This site provides annual reports on infectious diseases in Iowa. Demographic
Iowa Department of Public Safety - UCR Reports The Uniform Crime Reporting program is a system of collecting and analyzing crime and arrest statistics. Sub-County Demographic
Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program This site contains the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program Annual Reports to the Governor and Iowa legislature.  
Iowa Public Health Tracking Iowa is part of the National Tracking Network, created in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make data on environmental hazards, exposures, and health effects easier to find and use. Demographic
Iowa Public Health Tracking - County Health Snapshots The County Health Snapshot provides an overview of key health indicators for local communities. Demographic
Iowa State University - Iowa Community Indicators Program The Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP) provides data and research on local demographic, social and economic trends in Iowa at both the county and state level. Data tables provided include population trends, child well-being, school district profiles, poverty and food needs, economic profiles, and housing profiles. ICIP also provides reports and interactive displays regarding the above information under the "Reports" section, which is found here: ICIP Reports. Sub-County
Iowa Vital Statistics Report The annual Iowa Vital Statistics Report includes births, deaths, suicides, and unintentional injury deaths by county. Demographic
Iowa Youth Survey The Iowa Youth Survey collects data on students' attitudes and experiences regarding alcohol and other drug use and violence, and their perceptions of their peer, family, school, and neighborhood/community environments. Demographic
State Data Center of Iowa - Census Data Tables for Counties The Iowa Census Data Tables for Counties provide a range of demographic information including education, employment, home ownership, primary language spoken at home, poverty status, food assistance benefits, population projections, urban and rural status. Demographic

Community Health Improvement Resources

These resources include public health agencies (including local public health offices, state agencies, and public health institutes) and other partners in improving community health including United Ways, counties associations, hospital associations, and extension offices.

Iowa Community Resources