Policies and programs that work

143 Strategies matching covid-19

Retail clinics

Establish clinics in retail stores that provide basic services for minor illnesses (e.g., sore throats or skin conditions) and procedures (e.g., immunizations, pregnancy testing, routine lab tests); also known as retail pharmacy, walk-in, or convenient care clinics
Expert Opinion
  • Access to Care

Community arts programs

Support locally-based visual, media, and performing arts initiatives for children and adults; also called participatory arts programs
Expert Opinion
  • Family and Social Support

Telemental health services

Provide mental health care services (e.g., psychotherapy or counseling) via telephone or videoconference
Some Evidence
  • Access to Care

Patient safety checklists

Use visual tools to prompt safe practices, standardize communication, and ensure no step is forgotten before or during a medical procedure or other health care situation
Scientifically Supported
  • Quality of Care

Mobile produce markets

Support fresh food carts or vehicles that travel to neighborhoods on a set schedule to sell fresh fruits and vegetables
Some Evidence
  • Diet and Exercise

Youth in adult justice system

Transfer arrested youth from the juvenile justice system to the adult criminal justice system
Evidence of Ineffectiveness
  • Community Safety

Health insurance enrollment outreach & support

Provide health insurance outreach and support to assist individuals whose employers do not offer affordable coverage, who are self-employed, or who are unemployed
Some Evidence
  • Access to Care

Small elementary classes

Reduce the number of students in elementary school classrooms
Some Evidence
  • Education

Unemployment insurance (UI)

Extend or raise the compensation provided to eligible, unemployed workers looking for jobs
Some Evidence
  • Income

Online grocery stores

Use internet-based shopping sites to supply refrigerated, frozen, and non-perishable groceries for residential ordering and delivery
Insufficient Evidence
  • Diet and Exercise