Community water fluoridation

Communities that fluoridate water adjust and monitor fluoride in public water supplies to reach optimal fluoride concentrations. As of 2015, the US Public Health Service (US PHS) recommends that community drinking water contain .7 ppm of fluoride, down from the  previous standard, a range of .7 to 1.2 ppm, set in 1962 (US PHS-Fluoride, Truman 2002*). This change accounts for other sources of fluoride (e.g., toothpaste) and was intended to avoid the unwanted health effects of excessive fluoride (US PHS-Fluoride).

Expected Beneficial Outcomes (Rated)

  • Reduced cavities

Evidence of Effectiveness

There is strong evidence that community water fluoridation (CWF) cost-effectively prevents cavities (CG-Oral health, Truman 2002*, Cochrane Iheozor-Ejiofor 2015*, CDC-Fluoridation, US PHS-Fluoride) across socio-economic groups (CG-Oral health). Effects are strongest in low income communities (Burt 2002*), and in communities with poor oral hygiene and limited access to oral health care (Pizzo 2007*).

CWF reduces cavities in children’s baby teeth and permanent teeth (Cochrane Iheozor-Ejiofor 2015*). High fluoride intake can increase the risk of mild tooth staining from dental fluorosis (CG-Oral health, Whelton 2004*), especially for infants who drink formula instead of breast milk (Prystupa 2011*, CDC-Fluoridation). Additional study is needed to determine other potential adverse effects of excessive fluoride exposure (CG-Oral health, Prystupa 2011*, Peckham 2014).

As of 2013, fluoridation cost an average of 11 cents per person in large US communities and $4.92 per person in very small communities (less than 1000); cost savings range from $29.23 to $73.50 per person in averted dental treatment and productivity losses (Ran 2016*, CG-Oral health). 

Impact on Disparities

Likely to decrease disparities

Implementation Examples

As of 2012, 74% of Americans live in communities that fluoridate their water (CDC-Fluoridation).

Implementation Resources

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Citations - Implementation Examples

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