Bicycle helmet laws

Bicycle helmet laws require bicyclists to wear helmets. Such laws may be established locally or statewide, and may apply to children or to all bicyclists. Penalties for violators vary, but are generally minor (Markowitz 2015*). Many bicyclists do not wear helmets; in a 2012 national survey of bicyclists, 46% of respondents over the age of 15 reported never wearing a helmet (NHTSA-Schroeder 2013). 

Expected Beneficial Outcomes (Rated)

  • Increased helmet use

  • Reduced head injury

Other Potential Beneficial Outcomes

  • Reduced child deaths

Evidence of Effectiveness

There is strong evidence that bicycle helmet laws that require children to wear helmets increase helmet use (Cochrane-Macpherson 2010*, Karkhaneh 2006, Kraemer 2016a*, Carpenter 2011*, Jewett 2016) and reduce head injury among children (Cochrane-Macpherson 2010*, Walter 2011*, Markowitz 2015*, Olivier 2013*, Kett 2016*, Karkhaneh 2013*). Wearing a helmet can reduce fatal and non-fatal head and face injuries for bicyclists (Olivier 2017*).

Laws that require children to wear helmets appear to reduce bicycling-related deaths among children (Carpenter 2011*, Cochrane-Macpherson 2010*, Meehan 2013). Helmet laws that apply to all bicyclists may increase helmet use (Huybers 2017*) and reduce head injuries among children and adults (Kett 2016*, Olivier 2013*, Walter 2011*). Increases in adults’ helmet use may also lead to increased helmet use among children (Wesson 2008*).

Statewide laws appear to increase children’s helmet use more than local laws (Dellinger 2010*). Effects of helmet laws on the frequency of youth cycling is unclear (Carpenter 2011*, Kraemer 2016a*).

Overall, helmet laws appear to increase helmet use more in areas with a low baseline proportion of helmet use than areas with high baseline use (Karkhaneh 2006). A study of high school students in urban areas suggests that bicycle helmet laws may increase helmet use among all racial groups; however, increases appear to be greater among white students than black and Latino students (Kraemer 2016b). A Canada-based study suggests that child-focused helmet laws do not increase disparities in helmet wearing among children by income level (Karkhaneh 2011*).

Researchers suggest enforcement penalties increase effectiveness of bicycle helmet laws (Williams 2018*).

Impact on Disparities

No impact on disparities likely

Implementation Examples

As of June 2018, 21 states and Washington DC have child-focused helmet laws. No state law requires adults to wear bicycle helmets (IIHS-Bicycle laws). Forty-nine cities and counties require helmets for all ages. Chicago, Oklahoma City, and many cities in Washington are examples (BHSI-Laws). 

Implementation Resources

IIHS-Bicycle laws - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Bicycle helmet use.

BHSI-Laws - Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI). Mandatory helmet laws.

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Citations - Implementation Examples

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IIHS-Bicycle laws - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Bicycle helmet use.

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