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What is Policy?

This 2-page introductory fact sheet from Change Lab Solutions can help you introduce partners to the concept of policy change. 

Coalition Core Competencies Checklist

This tool (from Missouri Foundation for Health's Social Innovation for Missouri Project) helps your team identify where your strengths are in the improvement process and where additional skills, knowledge, and/or resources may be needed.  It can be found in Work Together under ...

What Do You Want? Choosing a Local Policy Goal

This tool (from M+R) provides a set of criteria to help groups select a policy or systems change goal for their community. You can use this tool to facilitate meaningful discussion and decision-making that is grounded in a specific set of criteria. 

Community Benefit Insight

The Community Benefit Insight website (from RTI International and the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University) provides data to the public on non-profit hospital community benefit spending. You can use this resource to discover what’s happening locally or nationally and to compare spending across hospitals. You can find this resource in the...