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The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 101 presentation with speaker notes provides an overview of why we rank, what we rank, and how to use the County Health Roadmaps tools and resources to take action in your community. 

Five Boundaries that Affect Your Leadership

This is a short video (from Center for Creative Leadership) of Chris Ernst, author of Boundary Spanning Leadership, describing five types of boundaries. It can be found in Work Together under Manage...

Hernando, MS

The 2011 County Health Rankings classified Desoto County as the healthiest county in Mississippi for health outcomes and the fifth-healthiest county for health factors, with lower unemployment rates, higher education rates and greater access to healthy food compared to the rest of the state. Yet much more work needs to be done to improve the health of Desoto County, as one-third of its adults are obese and Mississippi, overall, has the highest obesity rates in the nation.

San Bernardino County, CA

The 2011 County Health Rankings ranked San Bernardino County—which spans more than 20,000 square miles and a population of more than 2 million—50th out of 56 California counties in health factors like physical environment, social and economic factors, health behaviors and clinical care.
But initial disappointment over its low ranking didn’t prevent the San Bernardino County Health Department from seeing the County Health Rankings as an opportunity to strengthen its current health improvement initiatives and persuade policymakers of the need for change.

Wyandotte County, KS

For Wyandotte County, KS, Mayor Joe Reardon, the County Health Rankings were a wake-up call. After seeing Wyandotte's low rank in the Rankings report, he worked with other local stakeholders to create a Healthy Communities initiative to focus not only on just health care but on the overall health of his community.

Clare County, MI

In Michigan, Health Director Mary Kushion seized Clare County’s poor performance in the County Health Rankings as an opportunity to host a public health summit and begin generating ideas for improving the health of the six counties served by the Central Michigan District Health Department.

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

It was an honor to share a virtual space with so many of you on November 5 and November 12 as we continue a shared pursuit of how to address the presence of systemic racism and its impact on public health in our communities. There was an abundance of terrific conversations, and there were many amazing resources shared!