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Opening the Door to New Opportunities

As the 2021 RWJF Culture of Health Prize application deadline draws closer, one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from applicants is how winning the Prize has helped past communities advance their work. Prospective applicants are eager to hear from Prize winners about their experiences, from the application process to what it’s like to be part of a network of Prize winners. 

This week, leaders from three Prize-winning communities shared their insights on the value of winning the RWJF Culture of Health Prize and what it has meant to bring this national recognition home to their communities:

“Being a part of the Culture of Health Prize community is so much more than just an honor. It's an invitation to join a family of communities across the nation that are actively working to create healthier and more inclusive communities. It's been so beneficial for us here in Allen County to be included in this network. We've enjoyed the introduction to these diverse communities and the ability to assist in areas that we've been successful in or have a strong knowledge base in. But even better than us getting to share what we've learned is us being able to learn and connect with others.”

-Lisse Regehr, 2017 RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner Allen County, Kansas

“The value’s ongoing. In the Prize, there are three big things: a learning opportunity, a motivator, and a catalyst for strengthening partnerships.”

-Doug Osborne, 2019 RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner Sitka, Alaska

“Since winning this prestigious Prize, this award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we continue to receive incredible learning opportunities and grant and networking opportunities. We continue to increase our partnerships in health and education and we have made great strides in revitalizing our downtown and business district. It has truly reenergized us to continue moving Vicksburg forward like never before.”

-Linda Fondren, 2017 RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner Vicksburg, Mississippi

Allen County, Kan., Sitka, Alaska, and Vicksburg, Miss., are just three of 44 Prize winners working to build a Culture of Health for all residents. Every Prize-winning community’s story is different, but one common theme shines across all 44: Winning the RWJF Culture of Health Prize helps open the door to new opportunities.

Is your community ready to join this group of changemakers? Share how your community is working at the forefront of advancing health, opportunity, and equity for all residents—apply here for the 2021 RWJF Culture of Health Prize by October 15.

Watch the full conversation with Linda, Doug, and Lisse:

Do you want to learn more about the 2021 RWJF Culture of Health Prize Call for Applications? Watch the informational webinar here. Please contact the Prize program at [email protected] or call 608-890-2045 with any questions. 

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