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County Health Calculator Explores Impact of Education, Income on Health

The 2012 County Health Rankings explain “what we know” about county health, and with the addition of Roadmaps, “what we can do” to improve it. Alongside the 2012 CHR&R launch on April 3, a new County Health Calculator app explores “what could happen” to a community’s health if it took action to improve education and income.

The Calculator app shows, for the nation, states, and counties, the impact that social factors like education and income have on health and wellbeing. It explores how many premature deaths and cases of diabetes could be avoided in communities if more people had the better health that is so strongly linked with more education and higher income. And since health impacts have profound financial implications for communities, the new Calculator also examines how the costs of diabetes care fall as education and income improve.

Visit the new Calculator at or jump right to your community with the Calculator widget on the right.


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