February 21, 2017 3pm EST

Leveraging the Rankings for Community Action

How might you use the County Health Rankings release as an opportunity to spur action in your community? Each year, the Rankings release receives media attention in national, regional and local media outlets. This webinar will explore strategies and resources available to help you capitalize on the momentum and excitement around this year’s Rankings release on March 29, 2017. Join us to learn...
December 13, 2016 3pm EST

Rankings in Action: Schools as a Hub for Health

We know that educators working collaboratively with leaders in public health, health care, business, and local non-profits, can make an incredible impact on the current and future health of their communities. Lifelong health habits, such as good nutrition, physical fitness and stress management, are developed in childhood. Education is also strongly related to improved work and economic...
September 08, 2016 3pm EDT

Rankings in Action: Violence Reduction

Violence is a pressing national issue and communities around the country are demonstrating results by reframing the issue as a contagious epidemic and applying a public health approach. This Rankings in Action webinar will feature guest presenters from Kansas City, Missouri, a 2015 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health prize winning community and the University of Illinois-...
May 03, 2016 3pm EDT

Rankings in Action: Exploring A Community’s Innovative Social Service Model

The United Way of Central Ohio has discovered an innovative approach to deliver social services. The Pathways Community HUB is a social service integration approach with the potential to leverage a community-based care coordination strategy alongside emerging initiatives like Patient-Centered Medical Homes, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges, and others intended to...
February 09, 2016 3pm EST

Rankings in Action: Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Access

Unintentional drug overdose deaths in the United States are at epidemic and increasing levels and communities across the country are struggling to find solutions. This Rankings in Action webinar will explore the concept and practice of harm reduction as it is applied to the strategy of Naloxone access. Naloxone is a prescription medication that can reverse opioid or heroin overdoses...
November 17, 2015 3pm EST

Housing and Health - What’s the Connection and What Can You Do About It?

In this webinar we will explore why housing matters to our health and what our Rankings data tells us about housing in your community. We’ll also explore some of the strategies from What Works for Health that communities can use to improve housing. Then we’ll hear from Arthur Chaput from NeighborWorks Umpqua about how he and others led an exciting approach to improving housing and...
June 09, 2015 3pm EDT

Rankings in Action: Income

This webinar will explore income data included in the Rankings (children in poverty, income inequality) and Additional Measures (median household income, children eligible for free lunch) as well as some of the policies and programs from What Works for Health that communities can use to address income. We will also talk with Nicole Keenan, former Policy Director for Puget...
February 05, 2013 8pm EST

We are One of the Least Healthy Counties in Our State, Now What?

 Scott County, Indiana, suffers from decades of generational poverty with all its associated problems, and has been ranked last in the state for three years in a row. But a passionate group of people from every sector has been working together to turn things around and they’re in it for the long haul. Jene Bridgewater, Executive Director of the Scott County Partnership, will discuss how they are addressing health disparities in Scott County.