Community in Action
Examples of programs, policies, and tools in action.

Day Care Gets Kids Moving 2 hours/day

When Kids Depot Childcare in Madison, Wisconsin, wanted to help kids be more active, they set an ambitious goal: two hours of physical activity every day. Teachers weren’t sure it could be done, but through Active Early, they learned how to incorporate activity into lessons and transitions as well as free play. They also removed computers from the classroom, making day care a screen free zone. Now teachers have discovered their preschoolers are not only more active, but also, calmer, more attentive, and more willing to listen.

To learn more, watch teacher Michelle Merrill and director Nancy Karn discuss how they implemented Active Early in this video produced by Prevention Speaks.

Communities in Action provide examples of strategies or tools in action. Their purpose is to connect like-minded communities in their implementation efforts, giving insight into how others are tackling key challenges and what they've accomplished. To learn more about the evidence supporting this strategy's effectiveness or resources to help move towards implementation, see the What Works for Health summary of Nutrition and physical activity interventions in preschool & child care .

Date added: March 26, 2014