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Data Sources

These data sources provide information for communities looking for more local data. These sources provide either unique, local data; more information on demographic breakdowns (e.g., age, sex, race/ethnicity); or data for sub-county geographic units (e.g., cities, zipcodes or school districts).

Nevada Data Sources

Name Description Breakdown
Center for Health Information Analysis for Nevada - Nevada Health Choices This site contains hospital patient discharge data for 50 of the most common medical and surgical diagnoses by DRG (Diagnosis-Related Group) as reported by Nevada's 34 general acute care hospitals which were discharging patients during a five calendar year period.


Nevada Central Cancer Registry The Nevada Central Cancer Registry provides state-specific cancer occurrences and deaths. These can be found under the "Comprehensive Cancer Reports" and "Other Publications" sections of their website.  
Nevada Commission on Economic Development - County Regional Profiles The Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) provides information about Nevada's economy and its consumers. Data provided on this website includes county-level population, employment, and spending. Refer to the Detailed Overview Reports tab for more specific information by state or county.


Nevada Department of Education - Data Center This site provides a variety of educational data, including Nevada Report Card, free- and reduced-price lunch utilization, and Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Accountability Portal -- Data: At a glance & in detail (e.g., Students, State Information, Achievement, Personnel, Safety, Financial, Graduation, Civil rights data collection etc.)


Nevada Department of Public Safety - Uniform Crime Reporting The Uniform Crime Reporting program is a system of collecting and analyzing crime and arrest statistics.



Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health - Publications From this website, you can navigate to a number of health programs, including Tuberculosis Control and Elimination Program, Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention and Control Program, Nevada Birth Outcomes Monitoring System, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program, and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. 


Nevada Hospital Association - Emergency Department Services Query This site contains emergency department data for Nevada.  
Nevada Public Health Foundation Nevada Public Health Foundation is an education organization serving as an essential public health partner in identifying opportunities, mobilizing resources, and delivering programs to build a healthy future for Nevada.


Nevada Traffic Crash Reports This site contains Nevada traffic crash reports.


Community Health Improvement Resources

These resources include public health agencies (including local public health offices, state agencies, and public health institutes) and other partners in improving community health including United Ways, counties associations, hospital associations, and extension offices.

Nevada Community Resources

Public Health

Other Health Partners