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Data Sources

These data sources provide information for communities looking for more local data. These sources provide either unique, local data; more information on demographic breakdowns (e.g., age, sex, race/ethnicity); or data for sub-county geographic units (e.g., cities, zipcodes or school districts).

Maine Data Sources

Maine Cancer RegistryThe Maine Cancer Registry provides reports on cancer incidence and deaths.Demographic
Maine Department of Education Data CenterThis site provides education data by school and district for the state of Maine.



Maine Department of Health and Human Services - Data, Research, and Vital StatisticsThis site contains births, deaths, vital statistics, population, health professional data, and more. There is also data from the  Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. 
Maine Environmental Public Health Tracking NetworkMaine is part of the National Tracking Network, created in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make data on environmental hazards, exposures, and health effects easier to find and use.Demographic
Maine Infectious Disease Epidemiology ProgramPosted here are reports that combine surveillance information for several infectious disease, including monthly graphs and annual reports. Also posted are manuscripts prepared by infectious disease epidemiologists and published nationally.Demographic
Maine Integrated Youth Health SurveyThe purpose of the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey is to quantify the health of Kindergarten and Grade 3 students through parent interviews, and the health-related behaviors and attitudes of 5th through 12th graders by direct student survey. This page includes fact sheets and an interactive data dashboard to access results from the MIYHS. 



Maine Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring SystemMaine Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is an on-going, population-based surveillance system designed to identify and monitor selected maternal behaviors and experiences before, during, and after pregnancy among women who have recently given birth to a live infant.Demographic
Maine Prescription Monitoring ProgramMaine's Prescription Monitoring Program is a tool created to prevent and detect prescription drug misuse and diversion. A database of all transactions for schedule II, III and IV controlled substances dispensed in the State of Maine is maintained. 
Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment & Planning ProcessThe Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment & Planning Process (SHNAPP) Project - a collaborative of Central Maine Healthcare, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, MaineGeneral Health, MaineHealth and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention - works to improve the health status of Maine residents and track results.Data can be found on the left of the page under Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment Reports and Data.Demographic
Maine State Police Uniform Crime Reporting UnitThe Uniform Crime Reporting program is a system of collecting and analyzing crime and arrest statistics gathered on selected types of crime by participating law enforcement agencies throughout each state.Demographic DataShareThis data clearinghouse provides access to data files from various agencies including air quality, workforce, economics, demographics, political fundraising and election results, and wildlife indicators.  
MaineHealth Health IndexThe Health Index Initiative is helping MaineHealth achieve its vision of "working together so our communities are the healthiest in America" with many partners in the public and private sectors. The purpose of the index is to identify priorities for population health improvement, provide accurate, relevant data to inform action, and monitor progress over time.Demographic

Community Health Improvement Resources

These resources include public health agencies (including local public health offices, state agencies, and public health institutes) and other partners in improving community health including United Ways, counties associations, hospital associations, and extension offices.

Maine Community Resources

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