Length of Life

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Length of Life is the time between birth and death. We measure how long people live to reveal what might have led to early deaths. We investigate length of life among population groups to help us understand differences in health outcomes.

We can influence how long people live by improving the community-level factors that influence health. Some examples of these factors include improving access to nutritious foods, quality medical care, good jobs and a clean environment.

Length of life can vary by race and ethnicity, place and income. The data reveal where these differences exist and which health factors should be addressed to improve length of life.

Length of Life includes:

  • Life expectancy
  • Premature deaths, including child and infant mortality


Our Rankings show how healthy a community is as well as indicators for future health. This provides a starting point for action on improving health for all. Dig deeper into the measures below to learn more about our approaches to measuring health.