Health Outcomes

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Health Outcomes tell us how long people live on average within a community, and how much physical and mental health people experience in a community while they are alive.

Health Outcomes are influenced by many factors, such as clean water, affordable housing, the quality of medical care and the availability of good jobs. Programs and policies at the local, state and federal levels influence these factors.

There are often significant differences between communities based on where we live, how much money we make and how we have been racialized by society. Data are often broken down by characteristics of people or where they live. Breaking data down can reveal inequalities that are otherwise hidden. Breaking data down can help us understand where and why health outcomes differ across a county; how health factors interact to influence these outcomes; how our policies and programs support (or restrict) opportunities for health for all.

Health Outcomes includes:

  • Length of Life, including premature death, life expectancy and infant mortality
  • Quality of Life, including self-reported physical and mental wellness