The myth of the gender pay gap myth

Episode 3 in series :
Undervalued and Underpaid: The gender pay gap's connection to our health

Type “the gender pay gap” into any search engine and one of the first results that pops up will be: “The gender pay gap myth.” In the final episode of this miniseries, hosts Beth Silver and Ericka Burroughs-Girardi bust myths and break down the toxic narratives around the gender pay gap. They are joined by Dr. Jonathan Heller, a senior fellow at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, who talks about how toxic narratives maintain systems and policies that keep women undervalued and underpaid. Dr. Jessamyn Schaller, an economics professor and co-author of The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap, concludes our series by making the connections between the pay gap and women’s health. 

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