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Partners in Salt Lake County Centralize Social Services

March 27, 2014

In low income communities in Salt Lake, Davis, and Summit Counties, United Way and its partners are answering the multiple challenges of poverty with multiple coordinated services in convenient community hubs. Through Promise Partnerships, community stakeholders set goals, share data and results, and align programs within each of six Salt Lake neighborhoods. One of the Promise Partnership strategies is integrated service delivery through Community Schools and Neighborhood Centers. 

Located in schools, apartment complexes, and other locations residents can easily access, Community Schools and Neighborhood Centers centralize health, education, and social services. For example, these centers offer English classes for immigrants with limited English skills, afterschool tutoring and mentoring, job training and career guidance, tax preparation assistance, exercise and recreation opportunities, and health screenings and preventive care. 

To learn more, watch United Way and community stakeholders describe Community Schools and Neighborhood Centers, or visit

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Date added: March 26, 2014