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Data Sources

These data sources provide information for communities looking for more local data. These sources provide either unique, local data; more information on demographic breakdowns (e.g., age, sex, race/ethnicity); or data for sub-county geographic units (e.g., cities, zipcodes or school districts).

Indiana Data Sources

Name Description Breakdown
Indiana Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System The Behavioral Risk Factor Survey is an annual survey of Indiana’s adult population about behaviors which affect risk of disease and disability. Once a yearly report has been selected, continue to the Table of Contents to view various data options. 


Indiana Cancer Registry - ISCR Report Generator The Indiana State Cancer Registry provides data on cancer cases that are diagnosed or treated in Indiana. Using the report generator, data from the Indiana State Cancer Registry can be customized by making a few simple selections.


Indiana Department of Education- Data Center Indiana Department of Education’s Data Center provides information on how well local schools and school corporations are performing in communities in the state of Indiana.

High school graduation rate



Indiana INdicators: A Free Data Resource Using the most current information, this free data resource will help perform community health needs assessments, guide the development of community improvement plans, and much more.


Indiana Infectious Diseases Reports Indiana State Department of Health provides yearly reports on various infectious diseases in the state of Indiana.


Indiana Medicaid Monthly Enrollment Reports Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Office of Medicaid Policy & Planning (OMPP) provides reports on monthly medicaid enrollment by county and health plan for the state of Indiana.


Indiana State Department of Health - EMS Registry This site has Emergency Medical Services data for Indiana.


Indiana State Department of Health - School Immunization Data This website contains two resources. The "School Coverage Assessment Data" presents statewide data for kindergarten and 6th grade compliance with and exemptions from Indiana school immunization requirements in school year 2014-2015. The second, the "County Data" report shows vaccination completion data for children 6 years and 12 years in each Indiana county as of the report date.  
Indiana Youth Risk Behavior Survey The Indiana Youth Risk Behavior Survey is part of a nationwide surveying effort led and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to monitor students' health risks and behaviors in six categories, including weight and diet, physical activity, injury and violence, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, and sexual behaviors.


State of Indiana - Hospital Guide and Public Data This site provides hospital discharge data for the state of Indiana.  
STATS Indiana STATS Indiana provides data on: demographics, population, education, housing, income, and more. Also available are rankings of Indiana counties relative to all counties in the nation on a variety of health indicators.



Community Health Improvement Resources

These resources include public health agencies (including local public health offices, state agencies, and public health institutes) and other partners in improving community health including United Ways, counties associations, hospital associations, and extension offices.

Indiana Community Resources

Public Health

Other Health Partners

Other Indiana Resources